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Foreign Trade Management

PDM Training Program


Foreign trade is an only exchange between the distinctive nations of the world. It is likewise called as International exchange, External exchange or Inter-Regional exchange. It comprises of imports, fares, and entrepot. The inflow of merchandise in a nation is called import exchange though a surge of products from a nation is called send out the exchange. Ordinarily, merchandise is foreign made with the end goal of re-send out after some handling operations. This is called entrepot exchange. Remote exchange essentially happens for the shared fulfillment of needs and utilities of assets.

  •  Export & Import Policy
  • Balance of Payment
  • International Framework of Exports
  • Understanding of New Export-Import Policy
  • Liberalisation & Globalisation
  • Indian Joint Ventures Abroad
  • Foreign Direct Investment Policy
  • Export Processing Zones & Export Oriented Units
  • Institutional Infrastructure for Export

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