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Delhi Managment Study Program


DMSP - The Organization

dmsp organization

Welcome to the DMSP Institute, a place to persue knowledge beyond traditional prospects. You will encounter that attitude all around our campus, in education, in behaviour, and in reserach.

An organization, initiated to impart quality eductaion to the youth while equipping them with through knowledge and nurturing skills which would enable them to leave their identity in the contributions to global enterprises. Offering acedemic and professional programs at both indergraduate and post graduate levels, DMSP allow aspiring councilors, managers, engoineers to get a comprehensive view of the Qualitative World.

Welcome to the DMSP Institute, a place to persue knowledge beyond traditional prospects.

DMSP - Vision

DMSP wants to contribute to the creation of social movement, backed by proper education and research which will create a society where exploitation of man does not exist, where each individual has scope will ultimately mean "to each according to his need" a transition from "to each according to his contribution". In other words, universal humanism is the social vision of DMSP. Working to reorient education and reserach towards the needs of the both the sectors and to establish the link between the national policies/planning and the development of private enterprises in our country.

dmsp mission

DMSP - Mission

dmsp mission

Foundation of DMSP is committed to the advancement of Management Education, Engineering Education, Research, Training & Consultancy. Incorporated in 1998, as an educational institution with a border presctive, DMSP has been working with industry and acedemia for developing new gateways of managerial thought and education and contributing to building management leaders in today's global business envoirnment.

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