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Advertising Management

PDM Training Program


Advertising Management is an arranged administrative process intended to direct and control the different promoting exercises associated with a program to speak with an associations objective market and which is at last intended to impact the customers buy choices. Publicizing is only one component in an organizations limited time blend and in that capacity, must be coordinated with the general promoting interchanges program. Publicizing is, be that as it may, the most costly of all the limited time components and in this way should be dealt with care and responsibility.


Part I: Advertising Foundations

Chapter 1: Introduction to Advertising

Chapter 2: Advertising’s Role in Marketing

Chapter 3: Advertising and Society


Part II: Planning and Strategy

Chapter 4: How Advertising Works

Chapter 5: The Consumer Audience

Chapter 6: Strategic Research 

Chapter 7: Strategic Planning


Part III: Advertising Media

Chapter 8: Print and Out-of-Home Media

Chapter 9: Broadcast Media

Chapter 10: Interactive and Alternative Media

Chapter 11: Media Planning and Buying


Part IV: Creative Advertising 

Chapter 12: The Creative Side and Message Strategy

Chapter 13: Copywriting

Chapter 14: Design and Production


Part V: Integration and Evaluation

Chapter 15: Direct Response

Chapter 16: Sales Promotion, Events, and Sponsorships

Chapter 17: Public Relations

Chapter 18: Special Advertising Situations


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