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•    Transition times: distributions arising from time heterogeneous Poisson processes

•    A contextual uncertainty condition for behavior under risk

•    Product-process development integration in manufacturing

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MBA (Master of Business Administration) is a master programme in business administration. MBA from NIMS give the basic and advanced knowledge to stand the business administration. The MBA programme from NIMS has especially been designed for the candidates who are executing the administration of the industries or a related field like marketing, industrialization, financing, and education. The MBA from NIMS is one of the most jobs oriented educational program in India & abroad. The best part of doing MBA from NIMS is that it doesn’t require the GMAT(Graduate Management Admission Test) score. The student can choose the MBA from NIMS as per their choice and with many aspects of learning. The MBA from NIMS can be done through the full-time course as well as through part-time, with dual specialization and from distance learning education. Whether you have done graduation in arts, science, engineering or humanities, you are free to choose the MBA from NIMS in any specialization, what you wish to.

Management programs are professional courses and the question of a degree does not arise. We have courses from diploma to doctorate level and we provide you with the certificates. The degrees can only be provided by the universities and since we are a self-financed autonomous body; we cannot provide you with a degree.

To apply for NIMS MBA, an applicant must have completed a three-year bachelors course. Applicant must submit the online application, with documents: o Last educational certificate o Three Passport size pic. o Experience certificate o ID/ Address proof

NIMS provides more than 100 specializations in MBA from which you can opt for Dual Specialization.

An Approximately 15000 (Indian and Overseas students)

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