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Event Management

GDBA Training Program


Event Management is the utilization of undertaking administration to the creation and advancement of expansive scale occasions, for example, celebrations, meetings, services, formal gatherings, shows, or traditions. It includes contemplating the brand, recognizing its intended interest group, formulating the occasion idea, and organizing the specialized viewpoints previously really propelling the occasion.


The way toward arranging and organizing the event is typically alluded to as occasion arranging and which can incorporate planning, booking, site determination, procuring vital licenses, planning transportation and stopping, orchestrating speakers or performers, masterminding stylistic theme, occasion security, cooking, planning with outsider merchants, and crisis designs.


The Event Management business now incorporates occasions of all sizes starting from the olympics to business breakfast gatherings. Numerous enterprises, magnanimous associations, and premium gatherings hold occasions keeping in mind the end goal to showcase themselves, construct business connections, fund-raise, or praise accomplishment.


•    Understanding the market

•    Recognizing Local conditions as key in obtaining Events

•    Private promoters and major events

•    Tapping into the growth potential of merchandising and marketing

•    Which communities should host events?

•    Matching the event to the Market

•    How to evaluate consumer needs and schedule and right event

•    The relationship between sales and the event’s success

•    The economic impact – Competing for the prize

•    The key to attracting an event

•    Seven Rules to follow in submitting a proposal

•    Laying out the budgeting elements – Revenues versus costs

•    Recognizing the importance of cash flow

•    The Ins and Outs of Bidding

•    The Bidding process

•    Generating the Big ideas

•    The Bidding and Negotiating Difference

•    The Funding Difference

•    The sponsorship-spending shift

•    The return on sponsorship

•    Sponsorships are no longer charity

•    Confusion over sponsorships

•    Sponsoring a Small Event

•    Selling an Unusual Event

•    Pooling sponsorships

•    Corporate sponsorships

•    Matching sponsors to events

•    The local level impact

•    Sponsors can help an events success

•    How to liven up an event

•    Measuring Risk

•    What sponsors get

•    Measuring risk

•    Generating funds and where they go

•    Discounts and the cost of the venue

•    How to Market and promote events

•    What makes good TV coverage?

•    The proper promotion attracts media coverage

•    How to recognize promotional opportunities

•    The Role of Advertising

•    The impact and value of radio

•    Where print advertising fits

•    Outplacement for event personnel

•    Finalizing the Event’s Contracts

•    The Final Accounting

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