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Investment Analysis Portfolio Management

EMBA Training Program


Executive MBA Course in Investment Analysis Portfolio Management

EMBA course in investment analysis portfolio management includes the important topics such as analysis of securities, strategies of asset allocation, capital market equilibrium, analysis of investments, and evaluation of portfolios of common stocks, bonds, international assets and etc. Executive MBA course in investment analysis portfolio management makes the students able to apply the modern portfolio theory and the theory of capital markets to practical questions of investments along with utilizing various tools for researching and analyzing investment vehicles and identifying main features and practices of the global investment advisory industry. The other aspects of this course are the following:

  • Being in the field of investment analysis portfolio management, individuals need to work with many team layers such as trading, portfolio analytics, risk compliance and etc.
  • The individuals need to conduct the detailed analysis of portfolio management, preparing reports, communicating portfolio information to clients and etc.
  • The other responsibilities include the comparison of different duties, utilizing specific software applications attributing portfolio performance to individual securities or allocations and etc.

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An Executive MBA, or EMBA, is a graduate-level business degree. This program is a ton like a normal MBA program. The fundamental distinction is that an executive MBA program is essentially intended to educate and upgrade the professions of working administrators, supervisors, entrepreneurs, and different business pioneers.

The program is completed in a period of one to two years.

In NIMS EMBA, there are 8 subjects including 1 specialization.

After Graduation with 5 years work experience can do EMBA course.

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EMBA Training Program by NIMS