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Courses in Petroleum Management are instructed in India in select instructive organizations at the postgraduate level. They enable understudies to get acquainted with the complexities of Oil and gas operations and in the end proceed onward from operations to an influential position. They get the opportunity to learn top to bottom about oil and gas field operations, plant operations, field and plant upkeep and pipeline and offices development. The course intends to breed administrators and skilful pioneers for the future equipped for taking care of the quick changing elements that the vitality division is known for. Besides, courses in oil administration are controlled by escalated examine modules to enable understudies to extend their scholarly skylines and comprehend enter initiative abilities inside and out. Additionally, establishments have included points, for example, International Business and Global Energy Scenario to give it a really worldwide viewpoint. One can seek after a Post Graduate Diploma in Petroleum Management after graduation.

1.            Reservoir Management Concepts

Definition Of Reservoir Mngt

History Of Reservoir Management


Synergy And Team

Integration Of Geosciences And Engineering


2.    Reservoir Management Process

Setting Goals

Developing Plan & Economics


Surveillance And Monitoring


Revision Of Plans & Strategies

Reasons For Failure Of Reservoir Mngt Programs


3.    Data Acquisition, Analysis And Management

Data Types

Data Acquisition And Analysis

Data Validation

Data Storing And Retrieval

Data Application


4.    Reservoir Model


    Seismic Data





5.    Reservoir Performance Analysis Forecast

Natural Producing Mechanisms

Volumetric Method

Decline Curve Method

Material Balance Method

Mathematical Simulation


  6.  Reservoir Management Economics

Economic Criteria



Economic Evaluation

Risk And Uncertainties

Economic Optimization Example


7.    Improved Recovery Processes

Enhanced Oil Recovery Processes

Eor Process Concepts

Thermal Methods

Chemical Methods

Miscible Methods


8.    Reservoir Management Case Studies


9.    Reservoir Management Plans

Newly Discovered Field

Secondary AndEor Operated Field


10. Conclusions

The State Of The Art

Importance Of Integrative Reservoir Management


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