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Treasury management is all about management of financial risks that a company is likely to face in its day to day operations. The definition of this term also includes the optimization of current and medium-term liquidity and making solid financial decisions involving invested and investable assets. It is a fact that cash is important for running any business as profitable companies often fail due to insufficient availability of cash to pay bills. Monitoring about the timing and amounts of cash needed to run a business also falls under treasury management along with tracking those activities that require the largest use of cash where it often becomes necessary to keep a clear idea of cash needed in form of inflows and outflows. An MBA course in treasury management will enhance the understanding of students regarding various components of treasury management along with managerial skills that will help them to rise in their careers. The completion, of course, will provide you with an extra edge over others.An aspirant of this field has to take care of various activities such as they have to cooperate in the corporate sector to set up of financial objectives, plans, and policies. They have to maintain the cordial relationship with the banks so that finance could be generated in critical times. Some other aspects of treasury management are the following:

  • Treasury management lessons cover the topics such as treasury integration and management system, investment decisions, treasury structures, financing decisions, functions of a controller and treasury, the definition of treasury management and etc.
  • The objective of this course includes making the students able to understand the structure of treasury management and identifying the responsibilities of the treasurer along with identifying trends in treasury.
  • Being in the team of treasury management an aspirant need to monitor market conditions along with forecasting of cash requirements and preparation of cash budgets and transmission of funds to various divisions and receipts of funds from various collection centers.

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