Treasury Management
DBA Program


Treasury Reference model

Regulatory framework

Functional Processes for budgeting and accounting

The treasury Ledger system


Broad Structure of the treasury reference model

High-level conceptual model

Financial Management cycle

Financial Management Processes and organization

Distributed Transaction Processing and technology architecture

Centralized transaction processing and technology architecture

Banking arrangements


Observance of International Standards and Practices

Charts of accounts and classification

Accrual basis structure

Fund Classification

Organizational Classification

Economic Classification

Illustrative Economic classification

Program Structure


Critical Success Factors for Project Implementation

Government Commitment and Management Support

Inter agency coordination and user involvement in systems designs

Organizational capacity and technical skills

Management of change

Formal project planning

Systems and data Administration

Some treasury development projects in transition economics

Part II

Detailed Process charts, Process questionnaire, functional specifications & Data architecture


Process diagrams

Debt & Aid Management – Debt Recording and Servicing

Loan receipts

Grant receipts

Issue securities

Recording Guarantees as contingent liabilities

Verification of goods and Services

Appointment and Allotment

Warrant Allocation

Budget Transfers and Virements

Creation of a new staff position and recruitment to this position

Payroll commitments


Process Questionnaire

Organization structure of the treasury

Management of Budget authority

Budget appointment, allotments

Procurement of goods and services

Changes to the Payroll and Benefits structure


Payments against invoices

Pension payments

Scheduling payments

Processing transfers

Sharing tax revenues

Cash Management


Cash flow forecasts

Revenue forecasts

Expenditure forecasts

Managing cash balances

Reconciling TSA

Monitoring Payables

Monitoring receivables

Investing Idle cash

Maintaining Portfolio records


Debt and aid management

New debt agreements

Budget review and fiscal reporting

Revenue Monitoring



Work Program Monitoring


Treasury System – Overall Functional requirements

Start of the year processes

Maintain budget data

Contract administration

Payment administration

Payroll processing

Establishing reference data

Receipts processing

Enter monthly expenditure plan

Revise revenue plans

Recording of Basic Loan / aid and guarantee data

Reports related to receipts, cash and debt management

Security features

Data architecture – data Entities created by treasury functional Processes

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