Purchasing Management
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Purchasing Management is an office in an association in charge of buying activities.Purchase is Most Important Function in any Organization. Buy is the principal component which influences the item cost. Buy managementdecides gainfulness of the Company.

1.  Materials: The profit center

2.  Organization of materials function

3.  Materials planning

4.  Right information system

5.  Materials management and computers

6.  Cost reduction by codification

7.  Standardisation and materials management

8.  Value analysis and materials management

9.  Role of learning curve in materials management

10. Music- 3D view of materials management

11. Training for materials managers

12. Financial aspects in materials management

13. Financial discipline of inventories

14. Inventory management and EOM

15. P & O systems of inventory

16. Warehousing management

17. Stock valuation and verification

18. Disposal of obsolete and scrap items

19. Ordering systems

20. Purchasing cycle

21. Right price

22. Right time of buying

23. Right method of materials handling

24. Right mode of transport

25. Right quality

26. Right source

27. Right buyer-seller relations

28. Vendor rating

29. Negotiations

30. Legal aspects of buying

31. Contract management

32. Insurance: Risk Management

33. Import substitution

34. International buying

35. Canalisation

36. Public buying

37. Project purchases

38. Network analysis and buying

39. Make-buy-lease

40. Buying under uncertainty

41. Spare parts management

42. Ethics in materials management

43. Evaluation of materials function

44. Ganapathy Ram Electricity Board

45. Ganapathy Ram Industries

46. GanapathyRam Bus Transport Corporation

47. Ganapathy Ram Gasoil

48. Ganapathy Ram Electricals

49. Ganapathy Ram Refinery

50. Ganapathy Ram Sales Incorporation

51. Ganapathy Ram Fertilizers

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