Fashion Management
BBA Program


The programme offers a Two Years Post Graduate Degree Programme in Management with a focus on the Apparel, Textiles, Lifestyle Accessories, Footwear and other areas of fashion industry with specializations in different areas like Merchandising, Marketing, Retailing, Brand, Management, Supply Chain Management.


•    Globalization: An Introduction to fashion markets and fashion marketing

•    Fashion markets and fashion marketing

•    The changing business environment

•    Globalization and economic growth

•    Government policies in a global context

•    Demand for textile and clothing products

•    The structure of clothing retailing in the EU – routes to market

•    Consumer expenditure on clothing

•    The balance of trade

•    Labour costs

•    UK government support for the industry

•    Implications for fashion marketing

•    Supply chains

•    Managing product cost

•    Sourcing decisions

•    Sources of competitive advantage for UK suppliers

•    Supplier partnerships and alliances

•    Time to Market

•    Developing a research agenda for the Internationalization of fashion retailing

•    What is the internationalization of fashion retailing?

•    Who are the international fashion retailers?

•    Where are fashion retailers developing international operations?

•    When does fashion retailer internationalization occur?

•    Why do fashion retailers internationalize?

•    How are fashion retailers developing international operations?

•    Retail brand marketing in the new millennium

•    The new consumer

•    The retail response

•    The role of store image in the re-branding of Selfridges

•    Introduction and core concepts

•    Company profile

•    Selfridges: now and in the future

•    Selfridges: their framework for success

•    Store environment of fashion retailers: A Hong Kong perspective

•    Current study on the importance of store environment to consumer’s casual wear fashion store choice decision in Hong Kong

•    The process of fashion tend development leading to a season

•    Research design

•    What is fashion?

•    Fashion trends

•    Fashion seasons

•    Retailer’s research

•    Role of fashion forecasting

•    Innovation management in creating new fashions

•    Mapping the creative design process

•    The complex environment of design

•    Creative design

•    Future innovation management practices

•    Developing a pattern language for innovation management

•    The mechanics of Fashion

•    The environment that the fashion designer works within

•    The fashion designers perspectives of their design processes

•    The fashion design process

•    Consumers and their negative selves, and the implications for fashion marketing

•    Symbolic consumption

•    Strategic positioning and online fashion retail strategies

•    Strategic potential via marketing communications

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