Clinical Pharmacology Management
BBA Program


Clinical pharmacology is the investigation of medications in people. It is supported by the essential exploration of pharmacology, with included concentration the utilization of pharmacological standards and strategies in reality. ... In the research facility setting they examine biomarkers, pharmacokinetics, medicate digestion and hereditary qualities.


1) Effects of Renal Disease on Pharmacokinetic

    Mechanisms of renal excretion of drugs

    Effects of Impaired renal function on drug metabolism

    Plasma protein binding of acidic drugs

2) Pharmacokinetic in Patients requiring renal replacement therapy

    Kinetics of Intermittent Hemodialysis

    Kinetics of continuous renal replacement therapy

3) Effects of Liver Disease on Pharmacokinetic

    Hepatic Elimination of Drugs

    Effects of Liver disease on Pharmacokinetic

    Use of therapeutic drugs in Patents with Liver disease

4) No compartmental V/s Compartmental approaches to pharmacokinetic analysis

    Estimating the kinetic parameters of the no compartmental model

    Linear, constant coefficient compartmental models

5) Distribution Models of Drug Kinetics

    The Intraperitoneal Administration of Agents

    The Intraventricular Administration of Agents

    Direct Interstitial Infusion of agents

6) Population Pharmacokinetic

    Analysis of Pharmacokinetic Data

    Population Pharmacokinetic

7) Drug Metabolism and transport

    Additional effects on drug Metabolism

    Phase II Bio transformations

    Non – CYP  Bio transformations

8) Methods of analysis of drugs and drug Metabolites

    Choice of analytical Methodology

    Chromatographic separations

    Absorption and emission spectroscopy

Immunoaffinity Assays

9) Clinical Pharmacogenetics

    Drug absorption

    Drug distribution

    Drug elimination

    Mutations that influence drug receptors

10) Drug Interactions

    Mechanisms of Drug Interactions

    Prediction and Clinical Management of Drug Interactions

    Clinical approach to drug Interactions

11) Biochemical Mechanisms of Drug Toxicity

      Drug Induced Liver Toxicity

      Mechanisms of other drug toxicities

12) Equilibrate and Concentrative drug transport Mechanisms

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