Agriculture Management
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Agriculture Management  is an occupation that includes the study of sustenance generation. It manages cultivating systems, the taming of creatures, and the general preparing of sustenance. There are numerous horticultural occupations that require administration, particularly on ventures working in the logical controls and with cultivate work. With the changing progression of worldwide nourishment creation, this field is one of the quickest developing on the planet.


1. Introduction.

2. Brief History of Indian Agriculture.

3. Types of Economic Systems.

4. Types of Business Organization in a Capitalistic Economy.

5. The Indian Monetary System and Fiscal Policy.

6. Macro-profile of the Indian Economy.



7. Human Resources in Agriculture.

8. Natural Resources.

9. Capital Resources.

10. Selected Characteristics of Indian Farming Operations.



11. Specialization and Comparative Advantage.

12. Physical Production Relationships.

13. Costs and Revenue.

14. Optimum Levels of Output.

15. The Supply Concept.

16. The Demand Concept.

17. The Interaction of Supply and Demand: Prices.

18. Market Structures and Competition.



19. Economic Aspects of the Farm Supply Business.

20. Food and Fiber Marketing Functions.

21. Marketing Channels for Farm Products.

22. Costs of Marketing Food and Fiber Products.

23. Consumption of Agricultural Products.

24. Economic Setting for Indian Agricultural Policy.

25. Achieving the Goals of Agricultural Policy.



26. The Federal Reserve System: History, Organization, and Functions.

27. Input-Output Functions.

28. Selected Principles of Agribusiness Management.

29. International Trade and Agriculture. 

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