Program Overview

Bachelor Program in Computer Engineering - Program Overview

A few career paths after doing NIMS Computer Science & Engineering courses:-

  • Database Management
  • Information Resource Management
  • Project Management
  • Telecommunications
  • Web Design
  • Vulnerability Discovery
  • Real-time Interfaces
  • Graphics
  • Executive Support
  • Object-oriented Programming
  • Information Systems Security

While experience in the use of various computer-based technologies is becoming increasingly widespread, NIMS Computer Science & Engineering Courses Program as an academic discipline is not about mere familiarity with the use of an array of commercial software products (word-processing/spreadsheet packages, Internet browsers, computer games), but studies the various technologies that make these complex systems tick.

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Bachelor Program in Computer Engineering - Fee Structure

Course Fees is INR 72,500 (include exam fees)

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Career Prospects of Bachelor Program in Computer Engineering

Since its inception, computer technology has been an indispensable tool in all areas of science and engineering and has by now become a cornerstone of a whole range of modern services (financial markets, air transport, and telecommunications, to name but three examples). It is fast becoming equally central to many aspects of our personal lives (play stations, Internet, WAP phones etc.).

Diploma in Computer Engineering is intended for students who are interested in computer applications. This course has been made for understudies who need to learn computer applications in various fields like banking, protection, and bookkeeping. This program enables understudies to look for proficient information in computer applications.

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Required Documents

  • Senior Secondary/ Diploma Passing Certificate ( Self attested )
  • 3 Passport sized photos
  • One govt. issued photo identity proof (Self attested )
  • One address proof (Self attested )

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Become a Certified Bachelor Professional from top Bachelor institute in Delhi/NCR

Developments in radio, television, radar, transistors, computers, and robotics have fundamentally altered human life. The field of Computer Engineering is at the epicenter of this development. It encompasses a wide range of topics including operating systems, computer architecture, computer networks, robotics, artificial intelligence, and computer-aided design. Computer Science & Engineering (CE) Program students study the design of digital hardware and software systems including communications systems, computers, and devices that contain computers.

Distance Learning Bachelor Program in Computer Engineering Structure

B.E. Computer Part 1 @NIMS

Code Course Name Credit
1 Mathematics 100
2 Computer Hardware 100
3 Database 100
4 Computers Networks 100

B.E. Computer Part 2 @NIMS

Code Course Name Credit
1 Computers Graphics 100
2 Oracle 9i 100
3 Multimedia-1 100
4 Operating Systems 100

B.E. Computer Part 3 @NIMS

Code Course Name Credit
1 Software Engg. 100
2 Digital Computer Electronics 100
3 RDBMS 100
4 Visual Basics 6 100

B.E. Computer Part 4 @NIMS

Code Course Name Credit
1 Java 2 100
2 C++ 100
3 Multimedia-2 100
4 Environmental Technology 100

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Based on your location we have a selection of learning options for you.

Study online Bachelor with NIMS Institute

Exam Duration: 20 Days
Course Duration: 4Y Years
Resources: Video lectures, Practical Exercises, Online Tutor

INR ₹72500  |  USD $4462

Why NIMS Institute?

For slow and quick learners. This reduces stress and increases satisfaction. Our learning is based on Global Market needs in varied disciplines-of academics.

Required Documents?

  • 12th/Diploma Passing Certificate (Self-attested)
  • 3 Passport sized photos
  • One Govt. Issued photo identity proof (Self-attested)
  • One address proof (Self-attested)

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  • Ashok Chopra

    Its for those who think they are having some finance problem and are capable of performing better..a college with best ROI and also best industry exposure

    -Ashok Chopra
  • Anil Kumar

    After 3 years experience, I didn’t get satisfied with growth. Then my elder brother suggested me to join the distance learning certification program of MBA in distance learning from NIMS. After completion of my course, I got the opportunity to work with city bank Dubai. It was huge career lift.

    -Anil Kumar
  • Amit Kumar

    This MBA Program has proven to me that I’m capable of achieving when I have goals to reach.” Thanks to the NIMS, “My MBA Certification will reward me for years to come.” “NIMS’ MBA in distance learning program gave me a license to learn – grab it with both hands and run with it… I did!

    -Amit Kumar
  • Alok Pachauri

    I can speak with complete confidence that NIMS has enriched me by imparting quality education in Management. The institute has helped me understand, explore and realize my true potential and the corporate exposure has given a new horizon to my understanding of corporate expectation

    -Alok Pachauri
  • Rakesh Mahish

    NIMS has proved to be a landmark in my career as my expectations have been fulfilled. The corporate exposure given here has made me realize my career goals and I am geared for my future challenges and opportunities

    -Rakesh Mahish
  • Jaiveer

    It was a pleasing experience to be part of such a reputed institute where I was able to nurture my dreams and turn them into reality

  • Rohit Khatri

    NIMS has helped me in acquiring the right mindset and business skills which are helping me as I am moving ahead in my career. NIMS offers an excellent mix of industry and academic exposure

    -Rohit Khatri


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